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From zero-to-launch.

Hello small business owner!

I’m so glad you’re here and have finally made the life-changing decision to invest the energy, commitment and customer-focused copy your big idea needs to fly – congratulations!



Perfect your personal story.

Websites can take anywhere between several weeks and a few months to launch. But don’t let that stop you from reaching out, sharing your story and building valuable business connections.


Your personal story is all about introducing ‘you’ to the world in the way that you want to be seen and known, so that when you launch your business, your audience will already know part of what you’re about. It’s powerful.


I’ll help you figure out your specific personal story and write the copy for your LinkedIn page, website holding page and a standard event-style biography, with options to extend this across to your Instagram and Facebook bios too, so you can make waves before your website even exists.


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Complete website package.

At the beginning of your business journey, it can be a challenge knowing where to start. You know you need a website, but what content do you need and who will help you effectively communicate what you’re trying to achieve? There are so many consultants out there that choosing one from a Google search can feel like a pretty expensive gamble.


I’ve helped dozens of small businesses to set up and clear the confusion. That’s why I’ve created a complete zero-to-launch website package that includes everything you need to get started from top consultants, who I’ve personally worked with and who really know how to get results.


Say hello to your trusty virtual marketing team. My partners and I will help you:


  • Build your essential brand foundations – who you are, why you exist, your vision, values, key messages and zoom-in on your ideal customers.

  • Figure out your specific brand voice – how will you speak to your customers in a way that makes them want to listen?

  • Create your visual branding – logo, fonts, colour palette and imagery/ illustration

  • Design and build your website – to capture your brand and products/ services in the best way for your business

  • Write click-worthy copywriting for your website – to create those meaningful emotional connections with your ideal customersthat will open hearts and wallets.


We’re bringing the agency experience straight to your door at small business prices. So, save your hassle, money and valuable time trying your luck and instead invest in a complete package and process that works.


Shine on social media.

Social media has become a must-have for most business owners and it can be a real challenge to stand out – why? Because, beyond the similarity of a lot of content and hashtags, there’s no way of being able to deliver a complete experience of your specific brand to your clients.


Consider Instagram - apart from your choice of image, the platform controls the size, the placement, the order, the colour of your buttons, your font and more. Instagram also controls the behaviour of your content through its algorithm. In fact, the only thing you have real control over is your caption copy. What you say and how you say it is important on social media because it’s the way your ideal customers can most fully engage with your brand, i.e. who you are as a business.


People buy from people. And not just anyone – they buy from people they like because liking leads to trusting. Building successful relationships on social media is all about the way you speak to people. I can help you to write your captions in a way that captures your customers and stops the scroll.



Gurpreet's Brand Voice workshop has, quite literally transformed the way my social media posts speak to my audience. She really dug deep and asked all the right questions to clarify my brand character, ideal client and more - giving me so much clarity and direction on how I can talk to my audience in a way that's consistent, professional and reflects me every single time. It's priceless!


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Top tip

When you’re just starting out, it’s really important to nail the reasons your business exists, your vision, who your customers are, your values and key messages first, before you even think about your copy. These are collectively called your brand foundations and inform the way your business grows, just like the first line of bricks in a house. In contrast, your copywriting is like the second floor. Without your brand foundations, your copywriting will be weak and ineffective. Strong brand foundations allow you to create meaningful connections with your ideal customers, so you sell more and your business grows.


Need some help with your brand foundations? Ask me for my little black book of trusted partners. 

Frequently asked questions.

What are your rates?

My rates depend on the project. Every project is slightly different and that means my rates will be different too. I'll be able to give you an accurate quote for your project once we've had a call to chat about what you need. To give you a rough idea, all projects are based on my hourly rate of £50.

What other services do you provide?

You can view a complete list of my services here.

Do you have any more info that might help me set up?

Yes! I'm always sharing my advice and quick tips on my Instagram account @gb_copywriting_ Or you can subscribe to my email list! I'm always asking and listening to the things you find challenging about getting your message across to your ideal customers and growing your business. And I genuinely want to help you thrive. As a subscriber you'll always be the first to know about my new resources, events, services and, of course, surprise offers especially created for my copy community.

What's the process if I decide to work with you?

It all begins with a call - we'll have a chat about your business and project over Zoom then I'll send you over a quote. Once we're ready to go, we'll sign a contract and I'll send you my copywriting brief, so I can really get to grips with your brand, including your ideal client. This is the foundation work that underlines every piece of effective copy. I'll work on the first draft of your project and send it to you for feedback. If you have any edits, I'll go back and make the amends, before sending you the final version by the agreed delivery date.

I'm not sure what's best for my business? What should I do first?

It can be overwhelming when you're first setting up your business. There's so much to do - I know exactly what it feels like because I've been there too! Book a call with me and let's chat about it over Zoom and a cup of tea. I'll help you figure it out and create a plan for next steps.

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