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How to make your ideal clients feel valued.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Your clients love to feel special. If you’ve read my post ‘Why Build a Brand Anyway?’ you’ll know that consumers are more demanding than ever. They want personalised experiences, their voices to be heard and they want their views taken on board. And they want it right now.

Making your clients feel valued means bringing them with you on your business journey. Your clients don’t just want to see who’s behind your business, they want to be welcomed on board. It’s as a result of feeling valued that your clients will become your biggest brand ambassadors. They will talk about you to their friends, proudly recommend you to their networks and stand by your business as though it were their own.

The value in feeling valued.

In the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ Carnegie explains how, at work, employees will go the extra mile to complete a project if they feel valued by their manager. The same is true in business between business owners and their customers/ clients.

A great example of this is Krissy Cela. With a 2.2M strong female following, fit-tech entrepreneur Krissy brings her customers with her on every step of her business journey. Whether it’s sharing her wins, asking people for their feedback or sharing snippets of her personal life, Krissy calls her followers her family, replies to every comment and regularly talks about how they are all in it together and have a responsibility to help all women achieve their personal fitness goals. She makes her followers feel like they are a part of her team. They’re on the inside. And because they feel valued, they show up for her every single day – liking her posts, buying her products and services and supporting her when she feels low.

That’s the power of feeling valued.

6 ways you can make your clients feel valued.

1. Write copy that cares

Your clients want to feel like you get them. Almost as though you’ve stepped into their shoes and have walked a day in their life to experience the frustrations and motivations they feel. Imagine one of your clients and write copy that speaks directly to them. Speak to their worries and help them to see that you do understand them and might just be the business they have been searching for to help them fulfil their need.

Next step: You can only write effective and impactful copy if you understand your ideal clients inside-out, from their motivations and lifestyle to where they choose to spend their time. If you need some guidance about how to do this, book a call with me today and let’s have a conversation.

2. Give them a gift

Psychologist Robert Cialdini said that as humans, we’re hard-wired to return favours. In business, giving potential clients free insight into your work, through a resource or masterclass is one way of making them feel considered and also makes them feel inclined to return the favour by signing up to your mailing list, making a purchase or making an enquiry.

Next step: Create a short, free resource that you know will add value to your ideal clients. Perhaps it answers a common question or touches on a frustration that your clients have in common. Once you’ve created it, add it to your website, share it to your social media channels and ask people to sign up to your mailing list in return.

3. Be authentic

People value honesty. When you’re honest and open with your clients they feel more open towards you and have more trust in your business purpose. It’s only once people trust you that they will consider making a purchase.

Next step: Review your communication channels. How often do you empathise with your clients and share your own story to show why you’re the best choice? What about your images? Do they show your personality or are they mostly unemotional stock photos? Conduct a website and social media audit and list out improvements.

If you think you could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes on your website, I offer a website audit service and can provide you with a set of quick wins and powerhouse projects to help you improve your engagement. Find out more here.

4. Be conscious of your customer service

Your clients expect excellent customer service. And if they don’t get it, it’s likely that they will not only leave a bad review, but they will also never buy from you again. Make sure you’re conscious about the way you serve your customers from the moment they become your clients. How do you welcome them on board and how do you end work together? Is there any follow up?

Next step: Ask your current clients for feedback about the process they have experienced so far. Is there any way you could improve? Is there anything that pleasantly surprised them?

5. Ask for feedback and take it on board

If you have completed your brand foundation work and done a great job in getting to know your ideal clients, the people you are attracting now will be the clients that you have always dreamed of working with. So, it only makes sense to ask these people for feedback and actively take it on board, right?

This doesn’t just mean asking your clients for ways you could improve. What challenges are they facing right now? What burning questions do they have? How do they feel about the title of your latest course? Your clients want the best experience and, in most cases, they will be only too happy and feel special that you’ve asked them for their opinion.

Next step: Create a survey in Google or Typeform and send it out to your ideal clients and potential ideal clients across your network. You can use the results to inform the titles of your next blog posts, social media posts and any new resources or courses you create too.

6. Go one step further

The best customer experience is when your customers/ clients feel like they are the only person you are working with. Make your clients feel valued by keeping a note of their business purpose and then sending them a little note whenever you come across an article that is relevant. Or check in on them a couple of times a year to ask how their business is doing and to say that you noticed their new course/ website launch. People remember those who remember them and it’s a great way to set you apart from the competition.

Next step: Create an Excel sheet of your clients and make a note to check-in a few times a year. Adding little reminders in your phone or diary is a great way to keep things on track and keep your business relationship alight too.

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