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Celebrating female founders on International Women's Day.

In honour of International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to celebrate the work and achievements of five wonderfully inspiring women in wellness, who also happen to be my clients.

For me, it’s a genuine privilege to join the business journeys of each of these female founders and help them connect more meaningfully with their ideal clients. And it’s hugely rewarding to see them growing their businesses and making a difference to the lives of hundreds of people through the power of their products and services.

So, here they are, in no particular order:


Founder of Space Fitness and Wellbeing

Her purpose: To challenge how people see their place within the world, by inspiring them to live a passion-fuelled life, without limitations.

Her story: While holidaying in Turkey and just before her 50th birthday, Sarah made the choice to leave her stressful and rather demanding job in fashion and follow her dreams of working in wellness. Now, through improving her physical fitness, challenging my mental perspectives and gaining my qualifications, she’s welcomed a new world of energising opportunities that have built her confidence and inspired her to try new experiences.

What I love about Sarah: There is no way that you can end a call with Sarah without feeling revitalised. I love Sarah’s positive perspective and her energy for what she does – it’s not only inspiring but also hugely motivating, whatever your age.


Founder of Nourish Food for Life

Her purpose: To educate, empower and inspire women and their families to take charge of their plates and build a healthful lifestyle that works for them.

Her story: In the space of a few years, Sonal went from healthy, active and confident to sedentary, sluggish and uninspired. The cause? Her diet. From eating mainly home-cooked meals and cycling daily, she’d taken on bad eating habits that took her off track. After trying almost every kind of diet, Sonal realised there had to be another way and educated herself on nutrition and the power of good food for our health. Now she’s all about empowering and inspiring others to do the same.

What I love about Sonal: I could literally talk to Sonal for hours, and sometimes we definitely have sat over Zoom chatting about nutrition, food and the relationship between people and health way beyond our allocated meeting time. Sonal is so passionate about nutrition and you can really hear it in her voice.


Founder of SOFIA LATIF

Her purpose: To inspire and empower 40+ women to feel confident and embrace their natural, raw beauty as they age.

Her story: Sofia developed stress eczema in her late 20s, during a challenging period of her life. After nothing seemed to help cure her condition, or prevent it from returning, Sofia started to experiment with the natural oils her Mum used on her as a child and began to see a real improvement. Inspired to help all women celebrate their real skin and raw beauty, Sofia Latif Limited was born.

What I love about Sofia: Sofia lives and breathes her brand and I love the way she’s so honest, open and positive about skin care and life for 40+ women. She’s a real inspiration.

Where you can find her: or on Instagram at


Founder of Get Free

Her purpose: To uplift BIPOC leaders with the spiritual wellness they need to serve others, so they liberate themselves as they liberate those in need.

Her story: Spending morning to night working in the field of humanitarian aid and social justice, Charlotte quickly started to feel the effects of burnout when she first started in the sector aged 19. At that time, she had no idea about the importance of good self-care and grounding for sustainable service. This was made worse by the culture of being rewarded the longer and harder you worked. She decided to make a change and support those who served others to help them re-frame their mindset and invest in the self-care they needed to work sustainably.

What I love about Charlotte: I really admire Charlotte and the work she does. Despite living almost 5,500 miles away in Los Angeles, I felt her glowing aura and warm, feel-good energy. That’s really special.


Founder of Anne Thomas Photography

Her purpose: To illuminate the power of brand storytelling through imagery.

Her story: Anne’s fascination with storytelling through photography began in art college and grew across the twelve years that she lived with her husband and children in Kuwait. It was an amazing experience that gave her a unique insight into the Middle-Eastern culture and shaped the way she tells stories through photography.

What I love about Anne: I feel really lucky to work with such a dynamic business owner as Anne. She’s a real go-getter and doesn’t let anything get in her way – I love that. There may be many brand photographers out there, but I can bet you won’t find someone as dedicated as Anne.

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