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Top 3 small business fears of working with a copywriter.

Honest answers to the most common copywriting fears of wellness business owners in 2023.

In reality, I think that these are a mix of myths and lived experience. For some wellness business owners, the fear of working with a copywriter whittles down to something they heard on the networking grapevine. However, for others they will be hardened beliefs born from bad experiences.

The truth is, I can only speak for myself, how I work and what I know about how good copywriting should work. Unfortunately, not all copywriters approach their work in the same way, or have the same level of skill or experience. And that means that results can vary.

What I will say is that copywriting is an art and a science and the benefits of working with an expert copywriter include everything from increased personal confidence to more sales. For me, copywriting is a service that I provide to help an industry that has always been there for me. I have more than likely been your ideal client, so I know the frustrations and desires that your market experience before they find your service. I'm passionate about helping you grow your business, so your ideal clients find what they need too.

So, back to it.

These are three of the most common fears business owners have when it comes to working with a copywriter and why, actually, they shouldn’t be fears at all.

1. A copywriter isn’t going to understand my business well enough to write for it.


As a copywriter, my work has helped many business owners themselves to gain greater clarity about their own business. That’s because the way that I approach your business is through a few different lenses. There are: your brand foundations (or an understanding of your vision, purpose, mission, values and key messages), your ideal client personas and your brand voice. Initially, these are the key pillars that I need to understand to be able to write impactful copy.

Your copy is driven by a deep understanding of your ideal clients, not by the details of your service. That’s where I think this myth comes from – many business owners believe that because a copywriter is not a transformational coach, yoga teacher or personal trainer, they won’t have the experience to write about the subject.

In truth, as a copywriter, I can write effectively about anything across any industry because I have the experience of writing for a target audience. It’s one thing to write about a service or specialism – without a strategy behind it, this won’t create sales-driving connections that motivate people to buy. It’s another thing to understand your business from a brand and client perspective and write high-performance copy that converts.

2. Working with a copywriter will feel like I’m losing control.


When you work with me, you’ll know exactly what is happening at every stage of the process. I believe that every business owner can learn to write their own copy – you are absolutely more than capable. It’s my job to empower you with the advice and explanation to help you create the most meaningful connections with your ideal clients.

You’ll never feel out of control because I will always take you through every step. If anything, working with me is all about regaining control of your business, getting back in alignment and writing copy that speaks directly to those who matter most.

3. Working with a copywriter will remove my personality from the business.


My job, as a copywriter, is to bring your personality to the forefront of your business in a way that reflects what you stand for but also echoes the voice of your ideal clients. I’m not interested in making your voice disappear – I want to amplify it! But I also want to do it in a way that works for your business and not against it.

YOU are what makes your business truly unique – your copywriting needs to communicate that with power to the people who matter most.

Feeling more comfortable?

Book a call and let's chat about making more of your messaging.

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