My story.

How I went from an unfulfilled, hoop-jumping employee to helping small business owners in the wellness space grow a meaningful business they love.

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​​After graduating, my first role was as a Marketing Executive for an events company. I loved the copywriting part of the job, but there was also a lot I didn’t like, including the kind of clients we worked for. Still, I stayed. Why?

Because I felt I needed to be in ‘a proper job’ and this was what employment was all about, right? There were parts I loved but, more often than not, I spent the majority of my time proving I could also do the things I disliked equally as well. It meant that, at the end of the year, all my good work tallied up like gold stars to a promotion and the next rung of the ladder.

And then, in 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Only then, did I realise how unaware I'd become. I was so focused on jumping through the hoops and dodging the hazards of modern-day employment that I wasn't even aware of what I was doing, whether I was happy or why I was doing it at all. It was as though I had been walking through life like an oblivious passer-by, with her head down on her phone. And then one day, I had no choice but to look up and noticed just how much opportunity there was to do something else - something meaningful.


I went through 6 gruelling cycles of chemotherapy, getting pumped with chemicals at the hospital and then dragging myself through the side effects at home. But it wasn’t all terrible. A break away from the daily grind gifted me a new and valuable perspective. I saw then, that being employed would never fully allow me to do what I enjoyed in the way I wanted to do it. I wanted to write and help business owners grow their big ideas.


And so, in the middle of everything, I launched G.B. Copywriting.

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Once my treatment was over, living well became my top priority. I invested in lotions, which healed my damaged and dried-out skin, physiotherapy and personal training, which helped me get back to physical health, nutritionists who helped me restore my gut bacteria, therapists who guided me through talking about the whole experience and mindfulness, which helped me stay centred.


Wellness, in all its forms, allowed me to recover completely and now it’s not just something that continues to improve my life but also something I want to continue improving for others, by supporting small businesses as a Wellness Copywriter.

7+ years


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If you’re a small business owner working on a big idea with personal or corporate wellness at its core, I can help you:

Grow your dreams.

I know what it’s like to work in an unfulfilling career and understand the challenges of growing your own business. Your dreams were my dreams and I would love to help yours become the life you live every day.

Make a difference.

Your big idea is important and needed in the world. Wellness has been invaluable for me and I want to help you bring your business to the people who need it most, so that you can make a positive difference to thousands of lives.

I’m here to help you as a copywriter, but also an individual who shares your passion and love for living well. For me, it’s not just about working together on a single project. It’s about joining your business journey and creating meaningful connections that make a difference and improve lives.  


Whether you’re just setting up, need a refresh or are ready to scale your business, I can help you share your message with your ideal customers in a way that makes them want to listen and help you create the emotional connections you need to boost your bottom line.


Book a call or send me a message and let’s get started.

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