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11TH JULY 2023  |  10AM

How to write your sales page.

The ideal page structure, what not to do, plus the exact copywriting framework I use to convert curious browsers into paying clients.


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Selling doesn't have to be scary.

You've got a brand new service and you know it's going to help your ideal clients achieve the transformation they desire. So, why do you hold back on your sales page?

I get it - I used to do this too. Like you, I didn't want to come across as pushy, so I was always scared to ask people to buy. Instead, I hoped that they would just SEE how great my service was for themselves.

Of course, they didn't. And I didn't make many sales.

But once I learned how to write my sales page in a way that convinced curious browers to buy, it really was a gamechanger for my bottom line...

Selling is helping.

As a small business owner, I know you're equally passionate about what you do and helping your ideal clients to improve their lives.

That's why it's useful to re-frame the idea of 'selling' as

By asking for the sale, you're not pushing people to buy things they don't want, you're helping them to see that your service is what they need to make a positive difference in their lives.


In this training, I'm going to share my tried and tested copywriting framework and sales page structure. By the end of it, you'll know exactly how to write a sales page that's soulful over 'salesy' and makes your ideal clients excited to buy.
"A good sales page doesn't push people to buy your service, it educates them about what you do and encourages them to see why it's essential to gaining the transformation they desire."

In this 90-min training you'll learn:

  • The exact framework I use to sell my own services.
  • How to create an emotional connection with your ideal clients that makes them feel like you 'get them.'
  • How to design the layout of your sales pages to keep curious browsers captivated until purchase.
  • What not to do on your sales page - the things that will make your ideal clients click off.
  • Why the content you share makes a difference to your bottom line.


I will be forever, forever, forever grateful to Gurpreet for the impact that she has had, not just on my business but on me personally, as an individual. And I think that if you're really serious about your mission and your impact and your growth, then you should really consider partnering with Gurpreet.


Are you ready to:

  • Convert more curious browsers into paying clients?
  • Feel confident that you're writing about your service in a way that makes your ideal clients want to buy?
  • Stop editing your copy again (and again) and start implementing an impactful copywriting framework that works?
  • Take purposeful action to make your website work harder to win you clients?

Save your space.

  • Standard

    • 90-mins of actionable copywriting coaching
    • 2x downloadable sales page templates (pdf.)
    • 1x sales page checklist (pdf.)
    • Replay available
    • Q+A session
    • Access and 20% off my brand new content creation live course



I'm Gurpreet.


I've been running G.B. Copywriting for almost eight years years now and in that time I've helped hundreds of small business owners to write impactful copy that engages with their ideal customers.


Your sales page is one of the most important pages on your website because it's the last chance you get to seal the sale. As I've launched my services, I've tried and tested different sales page frameworks and and now ready to share the one that really works.

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