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Edit once, and well.


Whether it's a page of your website, your social media bio or a sales email, sometimes you need an expert pair of eyes to make sure you're on track to making the right impact with your ideal clients.


I know how much effort it takes to write copy and it's so frustrating when you don't get results. The difference between good copy and great copy can be a diary fully-booked with clients. So, don't let the impact of your words fall short at the last hurdle. Get my tips to improving your message - you'll thank yourself later.

An example.

Here's an extract of the kind of feedback you'll receive:


This is for you if:

> You're writing your own copy and need a nudge in the right direction or expert help to check you're on the right track

> You keep editing your messaging and aren't sure if it's landing

> You don't have the budget to outsource, but still want 1:1 expert support to make sure your copy connects with your ideal clients

How it works.


Buy the number of A4 pages of copy you'd like to send me for feedback. If you'd like me to review your website, for example, copy and paste your messaging into a Word doc.


I'll send you an email with a few questions about your business, so I can understand more about your purpose and ideal client. Once you've answered them, I'll get started on your copy.


Within two business days, I'll email you a link to a Google doc or Loom video (your choice!) with my feedback. If you have any questions or need some clarification, just hit reply.


1-A4 page (min. size 12 font)         -           £55      

Bundle of 3-A4 pages            -                  £150

(min. size 12 font)                          

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