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Create meaningful connections.

It doesn't matter how life-changing your product or service, if you cannot communicate why people should invest, it won't sell. Your messaging is the bridge between your business and your ideal clients. It's your opportunity to connect with them in a meaningful way that also drives your sales. But it's also hard work.

Your copy doesn't just need to be client-focused, it needs to be compelling. You don't just need to inform, you also need to persuade. That's why I've created these services to help you grow those meaningful connections with the people who matter most, so you can boost your bottom line and continue making a difference.
Brand voice workshop at GB Copywriting



Hire me to write your copy.

Your copywriting is powerful. From your headlines and body copy to your subscribe form and footer, I’ll make sure your copywriting is consistent and aligned with your brand, so that it is effective and connects with your ideal clients.


Contact me about your copywriting projects. Whether it's a 4-page website, your first freebie resource or the sales page of your brand new service, I'll help you to communicate your message so that it persuades curious followers to become your clients. 


Guided copywriting.

If you would like to write your copy yourself, but need guidance along the way to make sure your message is client-focused and compelling, I can help. Together we'll create click-worthy copywriting for all of your marketing channels, from your website to your sales emails.


We’ll begin with a consultation call. Over 90-mins I’ll help you break down your project and help you write copy that's aligned with your brand and drives action.


If relevant, we’ll also talk about user-experience (UX) and discuss how you can optimise your client journeys to drive potential clients further down the sales funnel.

During the writing phase, I'll be on hand to answer your questions via Whatsapp and then I'll review your copy once it's complete. I'll provide you with a set of 5 high-impact quick wins and 3 larger powerhouse projects that you can implement to improve your final copy and make sure it's as impactful as possible.


Copywriting feedback.

Whether it's a page of your website, your social media bio or a sales email, sometimes you need a pair of copywriter eyes to make sure you're on the right track.

I know how long it takes to write good copy. So, don't let the impact of your words fall short at the last hurdle. I know the difference between good and great and it usually happens between your first and second draft. Get my tips to improving your copy - you'll thank yourself later.


Content plan creation.

Sharing high-quality and valuable content is one of the most important ways of improving your SEO and building authority with your ideal clients. But, because we're always so busy, I know it's something that is easily pushed to the back burner.

The problem is, irregular posting doesn't get you results. That's where content planning comes in. One of the biggest problems when it comes to sharing content is knowing what to post. And because you don't have a plan, it's easy to spend a lot of energy creating new content when you could repurpose the content from previous posts.

I can help you create a quarterly content plan that outlines all of your blog posts, social media content and email content for three months. As well as being aligned with your brand, we'll work alongside all of your business plans, so you can always make the most of your content while still achieving your business goals,


Website structure.

If you're creating a new website, you need to consider the structure of each page so that it presents your business in the best possible light.


Different kinds of ideal client like to receive information in different ways. Some people want to emotionally connect with someone who understands them straightaway, while others want to know the facts.


Your website structure is also key to boosting the power of your messaging. For example, according to behavioural psychology, users read the header of a web page in a Z-shape. That means your call-to-action button might be best-placed in the bottom right corner of your header.

Things like this matter. I can help you design a website that works for your business and is specifically targeted to your ideal client. We'll look at the user-experience of your website and make sure that users find the information they want as efficiently as possible. And we'll also make sure your website works for you and helps you to meet your goals.


Website audit |
Quick wins & powerhouse projects.

If your website isn't capturing customers in the way that it should, I can help you review the messaging and user experience of each page and pick out the places that need work.


Website copywriting goes hand-in-hand with your website design; it’s not just about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. If that wasn’t already enough, you also need to think about where you’re saying it to make sure you’re making the most of its potential. For example, it’s great to include a little bit about your story on the Homepage, but will it get more clicks sitting in the middle of the page or right at the top?


To understand the answers to these questions, we’ll talk about your brand, including your ideal customer. Then I’ll review your website and provide you with a set of high-impact quick wins you can implement straightaway and larger powerhouse projects to work on in your own time, all in a handy document. And just to make sure, it all makes sense and you’re not left wondering, we’ll finish with a 30-min consultation to iron out any niggling questions.

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Gurpreet's Brand Voice workshop has, quite literally transformed the way my social media posts speak to my audience. She really dug deep and asked all the right questions to clarify my brand character, ideal client and more - giving me so much clarity and direction on how I can talk to my audience in a way that's consistent, professional and reflects me every single time. It's priceless!

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Top tip

Gurpreet Bharya at GB Copywriting

Brand messaging covers your copywriting but also your visual design and business behaviour too. Your font choice? It sends a message about your business. Your customer service? It sends a message about your business. It's really important that all of your messaging is consistent and sends the same message. When you do that your brand appears professional, becomes easily recognisable and, importantly, earns the trust of your ideal clients.

If you're not sure about what message you want to communicate and need some clarity about your business direction, take a look at my brand mining service. It's an essential first step before you write your copy.

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