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Words from my clients.

Gurpreet has been involved with the copy on my website right from the beginning. I simply can’t do what Gurpreet does - which is write copy that will hold the attention of visitors and spur them into action. She’s brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble, she really gets to know you and your business and produces copy which is spot on every time.

Gurpreet's Brand Voice workshop has, quite literally transformed the way my social media posts speak to my audience. Giving me clarity would be an understatement! She really dug deep and asked all the right questions to clarify my brand character, ideal client and more - giving me so much clarity and direction on how I can talk to my audience in a way that's consistent, professional and reflects me every single time. It's priceless!

And I keep going back to Gurpreet for more copy when things change in my business - surely that says it all!

"...transformed the way my social media posts speak to my audience."


"You will not find anyone more invested in your business."

I will be forever forever, ever grateful to Gurpreet for the impact that she has had not just only on my business, but on me personally as an individual. And I think if you're really serious about your mission and your impact and your growth, to really consider partnering with Gurpreet for so many reasons.


I think the first reason is that you will not find anyone, maybe other than you who will be more invested in your business and in the vision that you have. And that helped me to resuscitate my belief in myself and my vision and my mission at a time that was really challenging for my business in terms of not really being sure about its identity.

I have no doubt that the work we did together in developing my brand strategy and my voice brand voice guidelines is definitely going to help me grow my business, my revenue, my audience and my impact in the world. I really now stand as a woman who believes in her business who believes in her vision, mission and who really is confident in who she is as a thought leader in her industry.

Booked onto my 1:1 Brand Foundations workshop, 1:1 Client Personas Creation workshop & 1:1 Brand Voice workshop

"I now have such a clear idea of my messaging and voice."

If you've questioned whether working with a copywriter is worth the money, I would 100% recommend it. If you are looking for a copywriter then I'd 200% recommend Gurpreet.


My fear with copywriters was always, how can they know my business well enought to write for it? I was scared that working with a copywriter would feel like I was losing control of a business that I'd worked so hard to create and what If they got it wrong? My fears couldn't have been more unfounded. Gurpreet spent so much time getting to know me and my business, and the whole way through it felt like an amazing collaboration. I now have such a clear idea of my messaging and voice, which means I can post confidently to social media, my website etc. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle to helping me grow my audience. I know I'll be engaging Gurpreet's services again in the future.

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"It's helped me to crystallise my offering."

The work that Gurpreet and I did together has helped me to crystallise my offering and how I see myself. I've become much more confident and am clear about how to tell people what I do, be they clients or just interested parties.

If you're thinking about working with Gurpreet, go for it. Even if you don't quite know what you think you want, it will always be a productive and useful process.


"I feel so much more rooted..."

I recently booked a Brand Voice workshop with Gurpreet.

I'd been interested in her services for a while and finally took to the plunge to work with her. I was not disappointed! Gurpreet was incredibly helpful and took the time to understand what I needed and made every effort to provide the best possible service.


She was transparent, clear and highly effective at helping me understand how to connect with my audience and speak to them in a way that resonates with them. After working with Gurpreet, I feel so much more rooted in communicating what I do. Thank you Gurpreet, you've been a dream to work with!

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"To say we were thrilled doesn't cover it."

Gurpreet's copy did not disappoint. We couldn't believe that she'd managed to capture our energy and purpose with such simplicity. To say we were thrilled doesn't cover it.

The value of her copywriting skill goes beyond our website; it helps to strengthen our brand positioning, improves our chances of securing funding and, it's not an exaggeration to say, empowers us keep being able to create positive impact in local communities.

Hired me to provide copywriting feedback and edit her

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