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Unearth exactly who you are.

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Brand mining is all about digging deep into your big dream passion to unearth exactly who you are as a business. The work that comes out of brand mining are the pillars that support the rest of your business and will allow you to create the high-impact messaging that you crave. 

Together, we'll peel back the layers, cut through the confusion and get the clarity you need to level up your business and start taking confident strides to consistently attract your ideal clients. You'll know exactly what to say when people ask what you do and you'll know exactly how to write your copy in a way that hits those heart notes every single time.

No more second-guessing or editing your message again and again. Your small business is your big passion - so let's bring it to life.



1:1 Brand foundations workshop
Set the first line of bricks in your business

This workshop is all about putting stakes in the ground to outline everything that makes your business worthwhile. It’s your business story and includes an understanding of why you exist, how you see yourself growing, how you’re going to get there, your guiding values and the key messages you want every single client to remember about who you are.


These foundations are key to the success of your business because they provide you with the clarity and direction you need to grow.


1:1 Brand voice workshop
Speak directly to your ideal clients.

A strong and consistent brand voice will build trust in your business. Over half a day, we'll drill into the emotions of your client personas and get under the skin of your key messages to identify your unique brand voice.


I'll help you break down your voice into different styles and refine your key messages into clear sentences, so you have examples of your brand voice in action and can feel confident that your messaging is always connecting with your clients to build sales-driving trust in your business.


1:1 Ideal client creation
Accurately profile your target market.

In this workshop we’ll work to gain a deep understanding of the motivations and frustrations of your ideal client – who is it that you want to serve? This may be one type of person or two. Together, we‘ll figure out exactly who you target, so you can speak to them in a way which powerfully engages and attracts them to your products and services.


Detailed persona profiles will include a character reference and demographic and psychographic information to build a 3D picture of who you serve.


Hear what Charlotte has to say:


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Top tip

Gurpreet Bharya at GB Copywriting

When you're a small business, it can be easy to dismiss brand mining as something that's nice-to-have. But it's actually essential to building a successful business. If you're ready to build your brand then brand mining is your next best step. The outcome of all the workshops is so much clarity in your business direction that you'll leave feeling confident in your vision. Not only that - you'll also save a tonne of time and effort when it comes to making future business decisions, be able to write effective copy, faster and build a client-focused website that has impact.


Have you heard what my client Charlotte had to say about her brand mining workshops?


Receive Meaningfully

If there’s one thing we all share, it’s the desire to create meaningful connections, with ourselves and each other. Meaningfully is a weekly digest on building an aligned brand and life that has impact and meaning.

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